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Cash flow enhancement

Large companies, including your largest competitors have and an advantage over smaller companies. That is they pay less for the same services and products every business needs. They have employees, staff accountants, and outsourced firms that focus day in and out on nothing but watching expenses. Now you can too with no out of pocket cost.

Sell your business

Are you looking to sell all or part of your business in a non-disruptive way? We can help. There are three ways to sell you business. The first is build it and wait, next is hire a banker to run a formal auction, and third run an informal auction with our help. This third option isn’t right for everyone, but if you would like to learn which might be right for you we can help with all three options.

Business Sale Preparation

Are you and your business prepared and optimized for the sale of what could be the largest financial transaction of your life? Do you know if you are positioned both to get the most value, the best price, and the highest level of after tax proceeds from the sale of your business? We can help you answer these questions, while delivering a time tested process for doing just that.

Business Valuation

An economical and practical business valuation updated regularly can help you know the value and keep track of how the market views the value of one of if not the most valuable asset you have

Tax reduction

What could 25% more cash flow meant to you and how much more wealth could you build. For a successful business owner, the tax bill can become the largest single expense per year. Proven tax planning techniques which have other benefits as well can lower your taxes, increasing cash flow, and building wealth and security.


We can assist you with a statistically proven methodology for increasing the value of your company. Get the most you can from what you own.