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Value builder/Succession

  • 1. Proven process and assessment
  • 2. 7 phases to plan
  • 3. Prep business for transaction
    • Lead transaction in limited cases (informal auction)
    • Assemble deal team, deal room etc

7 Phases

1) Goals and assessment (gaps identified)
2) Valuation
3) Value drivers
4) Monetization
5) Contingency plans
6) Financial models
7) Legacy models

Could be delivered this way:
ValueBuilder – 3- 4 Weeks
Mindset – 1 week devoted to but interspersed
Wealth on Purpose key principles
Score card
Recruiting retaining extra
Tax and entity Extra
Buying your competition extra
Values of businesses
How to think about investments big picture if you’re a business owner
Smart Money Matrix, Pyramid,
Beware Tax Deferral
Converting business to cash
Contingency planning
EXIT strategies- Sell, no-exit exit, ESOP, management buyout
Financial Strategies
Legacy Strategies
Before your sell checklist –
Second assessment –

A proven methodology for increasing the value of a business.
Business that are more valuable have more cash flow, are more rewarding and are easier to run.